Travel Sketches

Lyons, France

Lyon-Satolas Station

Santiago Calatrava


Siena, Italy

Marble Etching on the Duomo Floor

Dresden Plaza

Dresden, Germany

Study on Plaza/Public space

Zurich University Law Library

Zurich, Switzerland

Santiago Calatrava


Florence, Italy

Plaza de España

Sevilla, Spain

La Tourette

Eveux-sur-Arbresle, France

Le Corbusier

Lille Grand Palais

Lille, France

Rem Koolhaas


Verona, Italy

Carlos Scarpa


Granada, Spain

San Gimignano, Italy

Santa Maria Novella

Florence, Italy

St. Benedict Chapel

Sumvitg, Switzerland

Peter Zumthor

Villa Savoye

Poissy, France

Le Corbusier


Rome, Italy

Bibliotheque National

Paris, France

Como Street Plan

Como, Italy

Perugia Street Plan

Perugia, Italy


Ronchamp, France

Le Corbusier



Norman Foster

Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

Villa Rotunda

Vicenza, Italy

Andrea Palladio

Siena Plaza Study

Siena, Italy

Montova, Italy


Amsterdam, Nertherlands

Renzo Piano

Forum Messe

Frankfurt, Germany

Throughout my development as an architect, sketching has become the main way I communicate ideas. My travels in Europe taught me how to draw analytically, not just what I figuratively saw with my eyes. Using the body as a measuring tool, drawing analytically teaches me how the building works as I draw it. In a world where computers are becoming the main tool, I appreciate the direct connection between brain and hand.