Colby College New Science Building

3D View

3D View

East Elevation

South Elevation

Night Rendering - Studying Spandrel panels

Night Rendering - Studying Frit Spandrel panels

Revit - Level 1 Plan

Revit - Level 2 Plan

Revit - Level 3 Plan

Revit - Mechanical Level Plan

Curtain Wall Options - White Spandrel

Curtain Wall Options - Grey Spandrel

Curtain Wall Options - Black Spandrel

Preliminary Rendering

(Shepley Bulfinch Work)
Project: Colby College is a traditional college in rural Maine. This 50,000 sf science building gives the psychology, mathematics and computer science departments individual identities that reflect their unique collaborative approaches to teaching and learning

Role: This project was designed through DD in 2009 and was put on hold until 2012. My role has been to detail and coordinate the CD set: this has included Revit model lead, consultant coordination, client meetings and project management. Project is currently in CDs and will break ground in Fall 2012

Colby College

Higher Education: Science Classroom Building